AHHH Comics! 01/23/13

Another week, another load of comics. Maybe some reviewing tomorrow, who knows. Go support you LCS!

Massive #8
I’ll repeat myself every month on this one. Maybe now, that it is clear what I have on my list, reviewing what I bought would be better. Maybe I’ll do both. What is going on with the Massive? They are stuck in a big pile of shit. The last issue seems to be far away in my mind. It has been some time since #7 I think. So it is about time they return!

Batwoman #16
I started out with six titles from the new 52. Now there are two left and only one of them still delivers. It is not Batwoman. I do want to see the end of this arc and when Williams III, the only reason most people are reading the title, will leave this book I might do so too. There really isn’t much to the character or the story anymore. The things that made the first few issues so touching and exciting are mostly gone. Batwoman has become a comic like all the others DC is putting out, changing artists, no grabbing story and meh all in all. That is my opinion and I am not reading Batman, but all the other things I read went down this road. It sucks.

Wonder Woman #16
Surprisingly Wonder Woman has consistently been pretty good. It never went over the top, it stayed consistently solid, so I can’t be disappointed when it is not DOUBLE AWESOME once in a while. It didn’t set the bar ridiculously high at the beginning and started dropping soon after. Azzarello ad Chiang set the bar at a good spot, where characters are likeable and things are interesting. They stay there and I like that.

Chew #31
#30 kicked my teeth in. I don’t think #31 will put them back in, I think it might just pull my jaw apart even further. I can’t wait.

Prophet #33
Prophet is continuously great science fiction. What else would you ever ask for? I hear old man Prophet might go to earth in this issue. I also heard that they only have about ten or twelve issues left on the run. I wonder why. Glory is ending early and this one might just do so as well. I was kind of hoping they could keep it going forever. Getting a monthly comic by the likes of Graham, Roy and Milonogiannis is a rare thing that should be cherished!

Young Avengers #1
I like the art and Miss America looks badass. It feels like I am exchanging DC titles for Marvel books, Weird shift. We’ll see how it goes and where they take me.

Stumptown #5
This concludes the second run of Stumptown. This has been a great series and I hope it sells well and returns as soon as possible! I like the characters and the story has been great as well. This might be a book best read in trade format, but I don’t see why you shouldn’t get the single issues. After all the first Stumptown only released as a hardcover and was a bit pricey.

Here we are. What are you getting this week?

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