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chew #2
Giving this a try now. Gets me to do something and helps me sharpening those keyboard hitting skillz. Seriously, working in an office does wonders in that part of the brain. Onwards, may the gods of grammar be on my side!

Read this!

A induced thought thought here, why are colorists not noted on the covers of those DC books. Dave Stewart is mentioned on The Massive but not on Batwoman. Mathew Wilson is the smaller printed name beneath Cliff Chiang on the first page of Wonder Woman. And not only the colorist, the letterers are forgotten as well. I thought those guys were the backbone of comics. I thought the art could be as amazing as it gets, but when the colorist sucks, the art is nothing. I thought you could write amazing stories, but if they aren’t put in the right places at the right time, if they don’t fit the mood and if they suddenly are in size 22 and vomit-green no one will want to read them. Apparently I am wrong, since those people don’t seem to be worth mentioning. Apparently, those guys are worth a not in the book, but not on the cover to those guys. Duly noted, the letterers are almost never on any covers. I don’t see how one or two more names on a cover would change that much.
The thoughts on the books can be found after the jump.

big talk

Young Avengers #1 – Gillen, McKelvie, Norton & Wilson
This is a very clean book. The art is clean, the backgrounds are mostly one color and the only thing I can’t put a finger on is a little red rectangle that has an AR in it, makes no sense to me. Aside from that I may be in love with Miss America. I do wish they wouldn’t start the first issue like that. Yes, everyone is introduced quite nicely. Except for the Hawkeye lady, she kind of pulled the short straw. Why didn’t I like the end then? It felt forced, somehow, and very stereotypical. There was a ton of foreshadowing going on there and it is nice to see how it all makes sense and isn’t pulled out of some dimensions ass. I’ll continue to read this.

chew felt good

Chew #31 – Layman & Guillory
This issue made me realize that while I think Tony is a badass and I feel for everything he has gone through, he has eaten dead baseball players after all; he was kind of a jerk regarding his kid. Yes he and the mother never really got along, she was a psychotic woman who cut off her toe to show him that she loved him, but I don’t see why that would excuse his disability to talk to his daughter. It looks like they never even learned to get along. There is only one scene where they hold hands, when the writing first appeared in the sky, and after that there was never any kindness between them. Bad Tony! However, the boys are back in town and they are kicking ass, literally.
Ps.: This comic wins the award for best cameo of the creators in a comic for 2013.


Prophet #33 – Graham, Milonogiannis & Bergen III
The use of colors in this issue is astonishing. It blew me away, the red, the yellow; all of it was freaking fantastic! The story is as weird and fantastic as ever. I do hope that in the end a master plan will be visible, that explains some things. Not all of it, I like the weirdness of certain parts, but I am really looking forward to how it all fits together. Maybe that will never happen and I’ll have to appreciate the vagueness of this comic. Until then I wonder what happened to the biological mass.


The Massive #8 – Wood, Brown & Stewart
Just plain story and comics this time. No extra information or anything like that. Just plain story, and it was good. The art is cool. People are doing things behind other people’s backs and all that jazz. I sometimes wish Wood would take more time with those stories. Three issue arcs are nice, but things feel rushed sometimes and don’t really pack a punch when they have to end in three issues. That’s what I feel like at least. Order of the day? Reread The Massive and enjoy the hell out of it!


Batwoman #16 – Williams III & Blackman
Yes, the dude can draw. But right now I feel like that is all that speaks for this comic. It is great to look at, but that is really it. I have not really red the comic yet, I admit that. If I change my mind after I do so, I’ll report back. Right now I am just angry at the 9 pages of advertisement that conclude this issue. It is absolute nonsense! It is all ads for DC books. Don’t talk around the bush in the comic, then get to a point where things get interesting and show me ads for comics I will never care about in the next pages. And most likely I don’t care for those comics, because the creative teams that have made them good in my eyes just changed, AGAIN. I am pissed.


Wonder Woman #16 – Azzarello, Chiang, Wilson & Fletcher
I love the combination of Greek mythology and super heroes that this story has going on. New and old are mixed together and it reads nicely. The art is a pleasure to look at, I have grown to like these people and it always leaves you wanting for more. This right here might be the only DC book out of the New 52 that I’ll keep come the conclusion of this Batwoman arc. I want to know what will happen to the baby, to the mother and who Hera will turn out to be in the end.

moron st

Stumptown #5 – Rucka, Southworth & Renzi
What a kickass comic. I had a lot of fun reading the second installment of Stumptown, it was pretty great. I’ll reread all of it tonight or tomorrow and marvel at Southworths art, at his pencils and at his changes in style over time. At the details and the vagueness in the art that go together hand in hand. It will be nice. And the third in the boat, the story, it has been good. Solid, nothing to extravagant, nothing that will blow you mind. But it will entertain you, it will keep you reading and with this kind of comic that is all that needs to be done. Rucka delivers.

The Splurge:


The End Times of Bram and Ben #1 – Asmus, Festante & Broo
Alright, this was only 70 cents, so I thought why not? I had heard next to nothing about it before. There was a Kickstarter Campaign for this and it is pretty cool. Quite funny in places. Still, it didn’t really make me wanna read on. I am in a state of no-care it seems. I wonder which comic will get my fan heart raging, this one wasn’t it. Although because there are only four issues to it, I am inclined to at least try out the second issue.

What is the goal in all this? The goal is to be forced to voice an opinion about something. To say more than yes or no. To say more than good, bad or solid. I am guilty as charged, but I am working on it. I need to stop bullshitting. Good thing I am not a bull.

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