AHHH Comics! Week of 01/30


It is an image week. For whatever reason nothing else off of my list happens this Wednesday. It is a good week for the wallet to regenerate and prepare and it might help concentrating on these comics in particular. Both are undecided for me.

Mara #2 – Wood, Doyle & Bellaire
The first one was alright. Weird and not very clear to me. It did a good job in world building though and when I hold the second issue in my hands I shall read both back to back and make a proper assessment of the comics. Aside from that the team is a dream combination! I love it!

Nowhere Men #3 – Stephenson, Bellegarde, Bellaire & Fonographiks
Another one where I am pretty undecided. The first two issues were alright I guess, nothing that blew me away, except for the awesome monster in issue one or the inventive diseases the crew on that starship suffered from. All in all I wasn’t disappointed, I’d rather say confused is the right word. I don’t know if either are good for enjoying a comic.

Short and sweet eh? What are you getting this week?

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