MM: Kongos and Dispatch


Ohhh I am running late. So here is a short double package for you! I saw both bands live on Saturday and even got to interview one of them. So you can look forward to that appearing on this site soonish. Gotta play it on the radio first.

Let’s start with Kongos. Those dudes are pretty rad. Their family name is actually Kongos, which is pretty amazing. They make some sweet music! This video is as psychedelic as rock music from South Africa can be. That didn’t make any sense. Watch it nonetheless and check them out if they come to your parts of the world! It was a real shame that the audience was almost nonexistent when they played! They offer some free tracks on their website! Go check them out, it is worth you time, I promise!

And then:


The main act of the night was Dispatch. I admit, I had never heard of them before. I checked them out for a bit before the show, and was kinda not very impressed. Seeing them live made me feel like I was missing out on something amazing. These guys clearly had a lot of fun and I think I didn’t do them justice in standing in the back and not moving, not knowing their songs and so on. It is a bummer. Their last number really got to me though and thus I have started on the journey of catching up to these guys, so that I may be able to get into it if they ever return. They play a nice crossover of reggae and rock and other stuff. They clearly enjoyed what they were doing!

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