AHHHH COMICS! – Week of 02.06


These weeks seem to be getting smaller. Going to the comics store will be the second most relished part of this week. The best moment will be on Sunday evening, sometime around 8pm. But that has nothing to do with comics. COMICS PEOPLE! They are coming to stores this wednesday! There is a new issue of Scarlet, a beautiful comic that I though was long over. Been ages since the last issue on that one. Not that I plan on getting that but I remember how the first issues had a huge impact on me, just because I found the art so beautiful. And Scarlet was/is a real looker and one hell of a tough woman. Well what am I getting then?

Hellboy in Hell #3 – Mignola & Stewart

Well I don’t know much about Hellboy, I might have read about a tenth of the B.P.R.D. and I am probably overstating here. But Mike Mignola is drawing this comic. He also writes it and it is beautiful.

Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #4 – Graham

This will conclude that little mini series. Maybe there will be more this year, but I kind of doubt it, of course I hope for it. I’ll celebrate any instance in which I may throw money at Brandon Graham. This will hopefully be some kind of conclusion, because that’d be nice. t will, just as Hellboy, be gorgeous. Just in a very different kind of way. It’ll be much more detailed and there will be tons of stuff to discover. Hellboy is clearer in the art department, if that makes sense.

There also might be a collection of some short-stories of one Hiroaki Samura. If that comes in I’ll happily give for it. I am much to late to get into buying Blade of the Immortal. But his short stories are exceptional, as is his drawing style. I admire him greatly.

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