AHHH COMICS! 02/21 and big red ghost ears


My favorite Ghost returns! There is some tragedy announced as well, but I keep my fingers crossed. Orson Scott Card seems to be a bigott and I wonder how long it will be until DC takes him off of Superman. Here be the comics I recommend to you this week:

Conan the Barbarian #13 by Wood, Colak, Stewart & Carnevale
Wood keeps on delivering the goods, no doubt about it,

Batwoman #17 by Williams & Blackman
Those guys fail to deliver anything. Maybe this time it will be good. I repeat myself every month when it comes to Batwoman.

Wonder Woman #17 by Azzarello, Akins, Green & Chiang
I am only reading two DC books at the time and this is definitely the better one out of the two. I don’t have anything new to say about it. I am looking forward to it!

Saga #10 by Vaughan & Staples
Best comic of the week. Even though all I have seen is the cover. I am so excited to see that red ghost again and the gigantic balls. I wonder if they’ll make another appearance. I suspect Vaughan will push on those tear ducts this week, let’s hope it won’t be so bad.

Daredevil #23 Waid & Samnee
Last week there was the cancer announcement. I wonder if they pick that up or if there is some random villain to fight. It is weird how serious personal issues always get pushed aside so that there can be some minor crime fighting, even though it has no real effect on the story. It worked in the Coyote arc, because there were two conflicts overlapping. Now there is one big and interesting conflict and one of the romantic kind that has been brewing for quite a while, but no conflict with a villain of sorts. It seems like a good setup. I hope we see an issue where there is no petty bad guy to fight, but only human conflicts, that would be something new alright!

cpt marvel

Two things I might splurge on:

Black Beetle #2 by Francavilla
Those first two issues (#0&#1) were gorgeous and this one should be the same. The story is quite cool and pulpy. But my comics budget is close to dying this month and I might just step away from this.

Captain Marvel #10 by DeConnick, Andrade, Bellaire & Quinones
I admit I haven’t read any of the first 9 issues. I have heard so many good things about the series though and the art always looks so gorgeous in previews. Maybe I’ll jump on the boat just once and see what is going on.

To wrap this up here is a thought on the writing of stories in comics:

Trust that you have created an engaging premise with captivating characters. Trust your writers. Trust your art direction. And then don’t rely on cliffhangers to try and compel people to return to you. End the short term plots and slowly build up the long term, character-driven plots. It’s very basic, my friends. People don’t come back because your hero is in danger. We know he’ll live. So stop trying so hard to extract drama out of the immediate conflict and simply resolve the immediate conflict in the same episode. People come back because they like the hero and they like how he or she solves (or simply manages) problems. If you take six months to get to a resolution like comic book writers do, you lose readers. That’s because the readers lose sight of what is interesting.

That last part is pretty important. You hear me Batwoman and Birds of Prey? I appreciate a large plot. It gives things a purpose, but even inside a large plot things have to come to an end. Some lines need to be tied up in order for the rest to move on. The Birds of Prey comic tried to do that, it worked very well in the beginning, I still remember that nice foreshadowing but it ever got wrapped up for real. Batwoman is still hunting for those kids and there is a lot going on now. Somehow Wonder Woman got involved and now huge monsters come out of the sea. This is a 17 issue long story that didn’t once deliver a sense of closure on anything. Some conflicts got pushed aside immediately. There was a conflict with Batman, because he told Miss Kane that she should be careful, he isn’t even there defending Gotham when the fucking Medusa is taking his city apart. Those dudes should get their stuff together. Aside from the fact that Williams III will leave the book soonish, I think this comic has lost its charm.

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