BOOKSTRAPs – they need to come back


It is no big secret that I really enjoy the fashion of times long gone. Like the 1930s or the 1960s. One very cool accessory in my mind is the bookstrap. You use it to strap your books together, when you don’t have a bag or just don’t feel like carrying a bag because you like to show of your books. Cuz you so cool man.

So… I saw this picture above on a blog. And realized…YEAH I NEED THAT. I did a little research an I found a bookstrap called THE BOOKBELT. It costs 25$. That prize is okay. But I don’t really like the look of it. I wanted a version out of tan leather. And there is such a version of a bookstrap. The Prohibition Clothing Company has a bookstrap in store for 118$. It looks pretty awesome. Still it’s pretty prizy. And it looks to good. If you know what I mean. I was really going more for an “I dont really give a fuck”-look.

So then I found an old leather belt of mine. I used to wear it as a kid and my parents wanted to throw it away and gave it to me. It’s what they do…

DAD”Hey should we throw this away?”
MOM”NAAHH… give it to clemensz… he’ll find something to do with it…”
And I did 😀 The belt I used to wear when I went to school when I was eight is now a bookstrap. I poked some new holes in there with a knife (like a badass) and got this sweet DIY bookstrap. You can see it below. Hope you like it. I love it. And..yeah bookstraps…they need to be a thing again. BBB – BRING BOOKSTRAPS BACK

2013-02-23 00.11.04

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