MM: Carissa’s Wierd & Mixtapes


Sad music is a good thing. It makes you feel things and I’d like to think that one listens to sad music because their life is amazing and they don’t want to forget what sadness is like. This way they’ll be able to identify it when it occurs and then they’ll be able to act accordingly. Prime example for sad music is and always will be Carissa’s Wierd. Here have an example so that you know what the heck I am getting at.

On the other hand there are no circumstances in which motivating and happy music should be banned. NONE I TELL YOU! Even a funeral deserves some happy music. Not because life goes on for everyone except for the person getting grilled, it is because every life has something good in it. Yes like to believe that. Makes me feel better. Motivating is the other important thing. Carissa’s Wierd isn’t exactly motivating music. Motivating and happy music keeps you walking even though it snows like hell and you are kind of cold in the belt area. You’ll sing along and enjoy the fact that the only one listening is your scarf, it feels so good. I was singing along to the Mixtapes on Saturday. I am singing along right now which is why I have to type some things more than once. Singing and typing don’t go well together.

I admit that I don’t get a lot of the lyrics, I understand what they are saying, but I feel like there is a deeper meaning or something like that in there that I can’t detect. Maybe there is no deeper meaning and they are just telling stories. I am fine with that and I’ll sing along. I’ll whisper along with Carissa’s Wierd’s “So You Wanna be a Superhero” and annoy my parents through yelling along with “One for the Ozarks”. I suggest you do the same.

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