AHHHH Comics! 02/72 and Avengers don’t know how to chill!


Comics be comics! Some stuff for you to check out and be happy about before I get into this weeks recommendations! There is a great interview/podcast with one Faith Erin Hicks up at BoingBoing. It is quite the nice interview and the lady is pretty badass! She has done quite a few creator owned comics and is the co-writer and artist on Dark Horses upcoming Last of Us comic. Enough ads for other people, what I really want is you reading “Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong”. You can’t beat some 180 pages of free amazing comics. And the robots just starte fighting! Get on it!

This week in comics you ask? Well I’ll give it to you!
Star Wars is getting reprints so if you missed those first issues you might want to get on that while it lasts. Same goes for Nowhere Men, apparently some people are selling those reprints at high values on ebay, stupid if you ask me, but the comic is pretty great so I can see where they are coming from.

For reals? Okay, here we go! After the jump!


Massive #9 by Wood, Brown, Stewart & Paul Leon

The Massive has picked up steam last month. Holy cow I was actually thrilled by what happened and I want more! I admit that it took nine issues for the comic to really grab me by the throat. I wanna know what happens next!

The Legend of Luther Strode #3 by Jordan & Moore

The previews look pretty great, the cover makes me expect the worst and all that blood and that art is astonishing! I love how there still is a lot of mysterie to this whole story and there are new things to discover that wont be completely absurd. Well what is absurd when you are talking about this book? It will be realistic, in that world, and that is all I need.

Prophet #34 by Graham, Roy, Conley & Ward

Supplying these posts with header imnages since 2012. Prophet is gonna be great!

Young Avengers #2 by Gillen & McKelvie

young avengers

Issue one was pretty great. Number two looks promising. I want more Miss America and Loki. Everything else is secondary. Why are all the avengers at the Avengers Mansion dressed up in their outfits though? I though if they are just hanging with each other they could relax and wear clothing that gives the crotch/boob area some freedom. But nope, Wolverine has to have his mask on when he is eating. I mean you’d never notice him without it, he doesn’t have a memorable hairstyle or sideburns or anything…
Yes this is gonna be great, even if those little things annoy me. Until someone gives me a good reason why they would wear their outfits while chilling in their mansion.



Roger Langridge has written the best Thor comic I have read to this day. I admit I have only read two, but he has built a character that will, for me at least, always what I expect Thor to be like. That Thor comic was one reason I got into comics the way I am now. Showed me that superhero comics could have a soul.
I have also heard many good things about these Rocketeer shorts IDW is doing and Langridge is writing the most recent one. I wanna check it out really badly.

Thus I leave you, but not without some musical input. Here is an old music kicking your ass:

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