MM on a Tuesday: Two Bands And a Movie

beck headphones

Music Mondays sometimes become Tuesdays. Deal with it. I got something special for today though. Three things: A long promised interview with the Kongos, packed tightly into a radio show. An interview with the Heartbreaks, packed even tighter within a radio show and at the rear end I would like to point your attention towards a pretty old movie and its soundtrack.

So, a while ago I did a post on the Kongos. These for brothers are kicking ass with their rock music. Here is a radio show which features an interview with them. Yes there is some German-talk in there but the interview itself is entirely in English!

I haven’t done something on the Heartbreaks yet. Consider this to be it. These guys make some gorgeous pop-music. Music with heart and soul, wearing a nice gown made out of sweet melodies and British accents. There is about 10 minutes of German all in all in this sweet interview and they are even playing some acoustic songs. Check it!

At the end of the line stands a movie that I absolutely adore. Grosse Point Blank is a great movie with a superior soundtrack. It is rare that the songs used in a film really fit their assigned moments. This soundtrack is full to the top with the best the 80s had to offer. And it is even a part of the plot. What is there not to love about this movie? John Cusack is still cool as he plays a professional killer. Minnie Driver is surprisingly sexy as his one betrayed love interest and everything else is just simply entertaining fun. Featuring all that was best here is a little taste of that amazing soundtrack!

I’ll be reading a bit of Beck again now. Comics tomorrow.

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