AHHH Comics 06/03 – Who is Mara?


The header image is from this tumblr. The dude draws very gorgeous stuff! I’d also like to recommend this fine webcomic. There is only seven pages of it, but it looks really pretty and promising. Immediate recommendation time ends with Alabaster. I haven’t read Volume One yet, but Hox Scanlations have successfully translated it and I am looking forward to one of Tezukas darker works. I have spend some time recently reading up on the god of manga and he was quite the marvelous man.

So comics you say? Not many for me this week:

(I might cheat a bit, as I am already holding these fine books in my hands. But my expectations/impressions didn’t change a lot)


Mara #3 by Wood, Doyle & Bellaire

I had no idea what to expect. The last issue left on quite the cliffhanger. This one does a great job in both developing the characters involved and taking us further down story road. It is quite nicely done. Ming Doyle has a very unique art style, it might need a little getting used to, but it is really pretty. As this little story picks up steam layers are pulled back and I am glad I started reading it.

Hellboy in Hell #4 by Mignola & Stewart

I read this one almost only because of Mignolas art. I just really love what he puts on the page. The story only just started to make a bit of sense to me as I have almost no background knowledge on the Mignolaverse. This is a darn beautiful book, no doubt.


47 Ronin #3 by Richardson & Sakai

I have never read or seen the whole tale of the 47 Samurai before. I haven’t experienced Sakais work either. So this is a perfect point in the middle where I can experience Sakais superb art and a story that is as old as it gets. The story is heartbreaking and paints a very nice picture of medieval Japan. I am glad they leave it at five issues though. There wont be any unnecessay stuff in there!

I know this isn't new, it still was hilarious!

I know this isn’t new, it still was hilarious!

So yeah, three comics and a One Piece chapter. Wednesdays might just be the best days of the week. I got two more things though. If you are living on the North American continent and liking the “Shinsekai Yori” anime you might wanna check out Verticals blog. They are asking for people to show interest in a translation of the books the anime is based on. These books are huge and they need enough people confirming that they’ll buy it for it to be worth it to them. So yeah, check that out.

Speaking of Vertical, in the U.S. they are the ones publishing Limit, a shojo series by Keiko Suenobu. Limit is pretty good and not at all what you’ll expect in the beginning. It is a very powerful story. Go and look that up while you are surfing around Verticals blog. Those dudes and dudettes are doing a fantastic job in publishing great manga!

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