Ready to FRIDAY!


Art by Topher Cantler

You have no idea how excited I am for this. The wake of the Journalism Show has made my life much better. Here is a taste of what you missed until now:

Watch the other five episodes and be blown away by it. Requirements are Humor, a good ear and some knowledge of video games and anime.


Art by Martin Bland

There have been some other great news: Angry Robot has released the cover for the upcoming science fiction novel iD. It is written by Madeline Ashby and I really enjoyed vN, the first one in the series. It had really interesting ideas and was marvelously executed until shortly before the end where the story kind of lost me. Yes it left me a bit unsatisfied but I enjoyed thinking about the book and the questions it raised so much that I’ll forgive its flaws.

For maximum enjoyment read vN back to back with some Astro Boy mangas. The way robots are depicted in both is really fascinating. Both are reasonable in their own way and do what very good science fiction does. They make you think of a future that seems entirely possible to you.

I’ll leave you with two music recommendations. First is Nihongaku! radio. After Japanator Radio stopped this was my go-to show for new and enjoyable japanese music. Then I fell out of it and now I got back in again. Jonathan McNamara showcases a lot of very different bands and musical styles. There will be something for everyone I am sure of it.

Second is a new song by Kvelertak. I am pretty stoked on their next release. Bruane Brenn kicked ass and so does Spring Fra Livet.

So, boys and girls, have a great weekend will ya!



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