MM: Santa Rita


Oh shit it is monday. What do I do, what do I do? Music? Well yes of course. It is just that I am listening to a band I already did a post on right now. Hrrrg. Was there anything new today that I really liked?

Here is the answer:


Santa Rita is a all-girl band from Barcelona. They just released an album after having an EP out ages ago. The EP is still free! The album is pretty rad. The lyrics are badass and the music is very powerful at times. They remind me of “The Pillows” and “Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her” with the way they are singing and playing those heavy guitars. The feeling is very similar.


While we are at it, give Aloud Music a try. They are a pretty cool record company from Barcelona, I think, and they are going at it with a very interesting philosophy. Some of their music is free. They are going with the times, but in a very realistic, nice and easy way. Like Steam they are the kind of people you’ll want to give your money too. As a plus, they put out pretty amazing music. I found out about them through Toundra and I love checking in on them once in a while. Sometimes I find something nice, like I did today with Santa Rita’s “High on the Seas”!

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