AHHH Comics 03/13 – Oppenheimers Change Men

Right? Click on the picture to see more of its kind. Original Art by Kiyohiko Azuma

Right? Click on the picture to see more of its kind. Original Art by Kiyohiko Azuma

Comics are a weird medium. There is so much of it and most things are not really meant to last at all. Most Floppies get put away to collect dust after a first or maybe second read. They aren’t cheap but lose in worth immediately after being bought. Rarely is there a comic so exceptionally great that keeping the single issues is a thing worthwhile. Not for selling them, but for returning to them once in a while. Sometimes there is a series that goes on for quite a while without getting collected. Single issues are your best friends in these times.
On the other hand there are so many great books coming out, big books that promise a lot of bang for the buck. Somehow these two don’t balance well in my case. I am trying to read more of the amazing things coming out. Spending time on the Vertical tumblr was great, I saw so many things that are being released and I wanted to get in on that. But which ongoing series should I can if I wanna read the manga? The comics budget is limited.
The development on my pull-list is very interesting as well. When the new 52 began I had one Marvel book on the list and quite a lot of DC titles. Just two weeks ago I gave up on my last DC book. Good bye Batwoman. Instead I read quite a bit of Image nowadays and am waiting patiently for the next Orc Stain issue. I have been waiting for a while. So this week is all image. I didn’t plan on this, but what do I know.


Change #4 by Kot, Jeske, Leong & Bellaire

The end of this series is gonna be weird, amazing and maybe a bit complicated. I’ll definitely have to read it twice. Was it worth to get the single issues? Yes it was, it helps with the digestion of the story, which is easy to grasp on the surface, but the specifics are giving me tiny headaches. It is a beautiful little book and both Jeske and Kot won’t leave my radar any time soon.

Manhattan Projects #10 by Hickman & Brown

The Projects are a difficult thing. It is crazy and pretty and not really anything else. Does it need to be anything else? I feel like it does, can’t really put my finger on it though. I think I what I am missing is a direction in the whole deal. I just read an interview with Brian K. Vaughan where he pointed out how important it is for a story to actually have an ending. I guess you can feel that in a story, when there is a an ending somewhere. This one doesn’t have that. It is just balls to the wall crazy with no goal. That bugs me.


Nowhere Men #4 by Stephenson, Bellegarde, Bellaire & Fonografiks

This one feels just as open as Manhattan Projects, it is less set on doing crazy things though. And I do get the feeling that there is an endgame planned for the series, even though it is all just starting. There are many strings being pulled, all of which are pretty interesting. We’ll see how it goes when issue ten is released in the far future. Right now, I am thrilled to see where it goes.

Those three will make my week. They aren’t blockbuster, but they are interesting enough. They are no superhero comics and all creator owned. Of course this is no guarantee for quality. Still, I let go of almost all of my superhero books lately. Well, we’ll see how they actually do, maybe in a few months I’ll be back with superheroes. By the way, here is a sweet little fan made Spiderman comic for you to enjoy.

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