AHHH Comics – Tokyopop, a Plume of Smoke & Ghosts

Things are busy when I make it to the comic store on Thursdays. Either I had to work late or things came up. Both are the case here, thus the post comes later than usually. But I also got them comics in my hands.

Before we do that, let me recommend som stuff that you can find on the interwebs:

2013-03-21 10.40.41 pm

Plume is a pretty gorgeous webcomic that just recetly got published on paper. Three issues are out by now I think. The art is really pretty and the characters are very likeable. Check it!

2013-03-21 10.43.17 pm

Tokyopop was a thing in the US that gave a bunch of artists a bunch of trouble. I have learned a lot about that publisher in the recent weeks. They didn’t seem to be that nice. Mostly butts from what I can tell. Doesn’t change the fact that they still publish a bunch of pretty amazing manga here in Germany. Even though I think the cover for Goodnight Punpun is atrocious. Here is an artist talking about his experience with Tokyopop. He is basicaly saying: “Move on!” A very interesting read. There is also a follow-up by another writer, on Robot6 as well. I have no idea how these guys stay in business, aside from the publishing, their web presence is awful. I still buy their manga. I can not and will not say no to Inio Asano.


Third tip is a project headed by Marcos Martin and Brian K. Vaughan. Martin was the artist on the first Daredevil issues written by Mark Waid and his art is freaking gorgeous. Vaughan is blowing my mind every month with Saga, such an honest comic.
This one is pay what you want and doesn’t work for me. I get an access denied page. Maybe I’ll find it somewhere else. Still, this story about a private detective in some far off future should be pretty amazing!

conan wide

So, real comics? I got Wonder Woman #18, Saga #11, Daredevil #24, Conan #14, Chew #32 and Five Ghosts #1. All were pretty good. Wonder Woman is developing nicely. I had to read Saga immediately after buying it, work be dammned. Daredevil made me miss those early issues where Murdock would flirt with McDuffie. She turns out to be qute the amazing lady. I do hope to see her again.

Conan is going further slowly. I would love to see Cloonans art again, the story is developing as well. Wood has build a very nice house. Chew delivers the constant entertainment it is known for. No reason for not reading this series. It is probably at its best right now. And they made Chogs, I can not wait to get my hands on one!

Ryan Kelly draws the most beautiful ladies. Totally out of context, but absolute TRUTH!

Ryan Kelly draws the most beautiful ladies. Totally out of context, but absolute TRUTH!

Last and kind of a random purchase was the first issue of Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray. I read all these comics at work, so it was mostly under the table and not very attentive. Five Ghosts looks pretty good, art wise. But the story didn’t grab me at all. Not much exposition going on or I didn’t see it. Some things are explained, but I feel like I wanted more. I’ll look into the second one for sure.

I am out. But before I go, here is a thing I watched at work yesterday instead of actually working:

RIP Barr!

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