MM: Callin’ Tommy and a Sampler


It has been a while! How is everything? Still intact? Well now, let’s have some music for your ears!
First is a band called Callin’ Tommy. That’s some good, fun, ska-infused rock music right there. The band is hailing from Braunschweig, Germany and they are really cool and fun people. It helps that they make very catchy and bouncy music. I have their music stuck in my ears constantly. You won’t do anything wrong by giving them a closer look, the music counts not the weird reds in this video!

I LOVE the Free Music Archive. Granted, I haven’t gotten a lot of music from it, but I love what it stands for. Good music for nothing and with a great idea behind it. Need music for that podcast you wanted to get up there into the interwebs? Go for it! And as the gods of timing would have it they promoted a acoustic compilation today on the first offial day of spring in the fine town of Berlin. What I heard out of it was very pleasant, sometimes french and happy music. You wont be dissappointed!

There you go! In the end here is the new video for “Let’s talk about your hair” by Have Mercy! I am excited for their full length, it is gonna be darn great! Have a fantastic week people! Enjoy the sun!

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