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Trying a new thing here. At work I sometimes read things that don’t relate to work at all. I guess everybody does. When doing so I long for more things to read. I look at the Sunday Papers or just browse through RSS feeds looking for interesting articles on every topic. I find some good stuff once in a while. Here is what I read today and may it entertain you as much as it entertained me. Maybe it will also get you to think about the issues they are talking about, as they might be interesting to you.


The first I read today was about Women in Games. Interesting topic that is downright scary in parts. It makes me feel bad to see people behave in such way that would make other people feel unwelcome and used. Read that will you and even if you have nothing at all to do with video games you might consider the issue itself and look around yourself. It can only do good for you. I love RPS for putting this out and I have a huge respect for John Walker for putting his thoughts out like that.

PIcture by Joel Aron

PIcture by Joel Aron

LucasArts has been closed. I admit I never played those adventure games of the olden days. I know of them though. What I did play, after I borrowed money from about everyone, was Jedi Academy. It was the third in the Jedi Knight series and I still remember almost all of it. Never again will running around withlight sabers be such fun. It hasn’t yet, I promise you that “The Force Unleashed” has NOTHING on the Jedi Knight games. God it was amazing. And now LucasArts is gone. Not only did they do some amazing things, as Ben Kuchera of the Penny Arcade Report reminds us, there is more to the industry then just games. There are people behind them. Men and Women who’s personal lives stay in the background, because crunch time has begun. This one is a great piece on the sacrifices game developers make to have us entertained.

I don’t only read about games though. This one is about the things we know about other people or rather the things we don’t know about them. Willy Nast did a great job with it. The same website has a comic on gaming (HA! Back already) and what it means to be a gamer. It is pretty fantastic, all in all the Bygone Bureau is a place to check out frequently.


Combining all those things these mentioned articles, opinions and thoughts talk about, in a way, is a little webcomic called Bad Machinery. It’s got strong girls, nerdy boys, games and mysteries. Sadly no lightsabers, but who knows. It is a great, adorable and funny comic though. One you should read and buy!

So here is that new thing. Did you like it? Did you know all those pieces before and were bored to death or did I get you some entertaining minutes? Tell me please!

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