AHHH Comics! Dicks and Godzilla


Apple won’t sell this weeks issue of Saga. It is a very interesting situation as they explain it by pointing at explicit gay sex scenes. This is within their rights. It has nothing to do with censorship, it is their shop and they don’t wanna carry it. You can’t really argue with it, you can criticize the reasons for not carrying it, but that’s it. When you are done doing that you ought to go to your local comic shop and buy it there. Paper is better.


I gotta say Saga is the only new thing waiting for me this week. Next to it will be last week’s Godzilla: Half Century War #5. Stokoe has wrapped up that series and I am psyched on reading the conclusion to the epic fight with Godzilla and the likes. Regular Stokoe comics are a rare thing, they ought to be cherished! Which is what I am gonna do. And then I shall read Heinlein when I am done reading Stokoe and Vaughan/Staples. God this life is pretty amazing!

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