It’s a Wrap: Tamako Market

Photo by ultrakml

Photo by ultrakml

The peeps at Kyoto Animation sure know how to make adorable shows. Chunibyouu and then right behind it comes Tomako Market. K-On as well, but I haven’t watched that, yet. Tamako Market was a really good show. It wasn’t exceptional, but it was very entertaining. A slice-of-life show with a talking bird.

Tamako Market - 12 - Large 10

The show had character. Many things that stood out, be it the deep voice of the flower lady, knee socks, a lovesick tofu salesman or the rivalry between two mochi shops. Let’s not forget that every sane person should be in love with Kanna. She takes the crown for most badass character of the show. Dera, the bird, takes the crown for most fat and insightful bird. The dude who owns the music café has the crown for putting on the right music at the right time. There are a lot of crowns to hand out here and most of them go to very great characters. They were the rice to the mochi of Tamako Market.

Tamako Market - 01 - Large 34

While those characters were amazing the story lacked a bit. The love stories didn’t really wrap up. None of them did. The triangle is still there and the prince doesn’t have a bride. Weirdly enough this shouldn’t matter if this was JUST a slice-of-life story. It wasn’t, it was made to be more but failed at climbing that mountain. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the antics, the adorable girls and that silly bird, but I still feel like there could have been more. More drama and more solutions.

Tamako Market - 06 - Large 29

Tamako Market was a really good adventure. It made me go out and buy mochi. It made me swoon, squeal, sigh and laugh out loud. You should watch it is you have a thing for adorable things, if you can bear a wise cracking bird, if you like slice-of-life stories and if you have a heart. Just be aware, Tamako Market is not perfect.

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