Food for Thought – War, Noobs and Border Control

Picture by gamene

Picture by gamene

Second Installment of Food for Thought coming in. Adam Clark Estes wrote about the time the Iraq War almost killed him. All the stuff that comes out of Motherboard is pretty rad and personally I don’t read enough of it. But this one really made me interested. Still have to finish it, but I put it into the RA folder so here I am pointing it out to you.


I don’t play many online games. The problem used to be their size as my hard drive was pretty small. I got a new one now and I have a shit ton of space available. So here I come CS:GO and L4D2, I’ll rock your worlds. A bit at least, I suck at those games. I really am not as good as other people in those games and maybe it is because I don’t take them quite as seriously. SharpCypher who is a pretty rad dude put his thoughts on the matter on Reddit and people responded en massé. It is a very interesting read. The pleasant side effect is the restoration of your faith in humanity.

I have spend a bunch of my time reading the Penny Arcade Report lately. Kuchera and his crew put out some quality stuff. This one is again about the people producing games. I still have to read that, but it sounds very interesting. Also, Strip Search is amazing right now!


If you wanna play a game that will make you kind of scared of yourself and of the things you do you should check out Papers, Please. It is a striking example of what simple art direction and a simple set-up can achieve. You take the roll of an immigration inspector. Essentially you are the one who decides who gets into a country and who won’t. It is a terrifying game. Right now there only is a demo, but it gave me goosebumps nonetheless.

Concluding tonight are three issues of Off Life, which is a street press comic magazine from Britain. I wish I could hold it in my hands. It is full of interviews and amazing comics. You can read it online or get a PDF of it, so go do that. It is great, that Pinocchio strip in the first issue broke my heart.


Just kidding, here are two more things: Sam Alden, whos work I wrote about before, was on Inkstuds and it is a great conversation. And Katie Skelly who did “Nurse, Nurse”, which was amazing, was on the Boing Boing Podcast “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”. Both shows are a blast. Inkstuds has badass music as well. So, good night and good luck!

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