MM and some Food for Thought


I am gonna see Hop Along live tonight and I am psyched. Seriously excited about this one since there might also be an interview awaiting me.

Here is some music you can listen to while you read the rest of this post:

The first Modern Warfare blew me away. It is one of the best experiences I have had in a game, ever. The Chernobyl mission, the ship in the beginning and god damn it everything else as well. Up to the end when my mom walked in and told me to go the fuck to sleep and I told her that I only needed to protect this bridge a bit longer. I have fond memories of this game that would shape a lot of what came after it. Nowadays Medal of Honor, Battlefield and CoD are all competing for the same thing.


The last Call for Duty was fun in some parts, but it was nowhere as memorable as the first Modern Warfare or even Call of Duty 2. I don’t care which studio produced it, I am talking principle. It is shocking thing after shocking thing and there is no fresh air to be seen. Jim Sterling made a great analogy using soup in his latest Jimquisition and while I can’t embed it I have linked to it. Here is a video that shares the sentiment though. TotalHailbut delivered a great argument here.

We will stay in games now. RockPaperShotgun’s John Walker recently wrote a piece about the role of silence in the games industry. It is really interesting to see how all of it works and it is scary to see how easy it is for publishers to make things go their way. All they need to do is keep their mouths shut. It is a weird industry when so much depends on the people providing things to “journalists”. There are a lot of things to learn about the games industry and this is one you should definitely remember well! Sterling then wrote a follow-up on Destructoid that goes the extra mile and is very well done as well. I started out with nothing tonight and now I learned a lot. This is like therapy.

Look at this, isn’t it beautiful?

It has a Kickstarter campaign going for it and I wish I had moneys to support it, if it had a Mac version as well.

Auxcide released a new EP, it is pretty amazing and free! Check it out:

When you are done with that you could go and check out the new A Life Well Wasted episode that is out after a yearlong hiatus. It is about Work in general. It is great if you talk about sound design and really good when talking about the stories it features. It left me wanting more but not completely satisfied. I trust Robert Ashley’s abilities though and I keep my eyes open for future episodes!

I am listening to this right now. So stocked on new DEP (Warning: Heavy and NSFW!)

That’s it boys and girls. What did you enjoy reading this last week? What are you listening to?

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