A Review: The Infinite Wait by Julia Wertz

fuo julia wertz infinite wait sample

I bout this comic at a little comics festival or convention in Berlin this past Sunday. It went by the name of Comicinvasion. It’s grown a bit since last year but mostly in attendance. There were a ton of people going around those tables in that relatively small space. Atmosphere, friendly people and comics made up for the lack of space to actually look at tables though. If there is one thing I didn’t really dig about it was the fact that there were three Berlin based stores selling comics there. They are in Berlin all the time and selling comics all the time, nothing special in them being there. One of them only sold Hellboy, The Walking Dead, Hack/Slash and Chew. Those comics are awesome, don’t get me wrong. It just felt somewhat out of place. I admit that the one book I bought was from one of them, but I guess if they hadn’t been there I might have bought an amazing small press effort. Instead I got “The Infinite Wait And Other Stories”. I think that counts as small press, but I didn’t get a zine or a mini comic directly form a creator.


The Infinite Wait is an autobiographical comic by Julia Wertz. It is simple, funny, deep and very, very compelling. I first read about the book through an interview she did with Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter. I didn’t think much of it, but when I saw it was clear to me that I had to get that. One booth had it for two Euros less than another and after that I didn’t notice that my train went in the wrong direction. I was reading about restaurants, fart jokes, alcohol, comics and growing up. Upon returning home I left the apple pie my parents got me on the side and sat down to finish the comic I bought.

It is probably one of the most honest comics I have ever read. It was charming and entertaining. The art is solid, nothing that will take your breath away but this isn’t the space for that kind of art anyways. It does serve its purpose and the fact that there is no experimentations and extravagant art stuff is actually appreciated.


In the end I was relieved to read how Wertz seemingly has gotten her life under control. I did want more and I still do. I wanna know what happened with that boyfriend and the alcohol. There is a lot of teasing in that book and it is very well done. Although that might be the one fault I can find, there are holes in those stories. Those holes are filled by other books but the interest in how those things were solved got so big that I was kind of bummed out when I didn’t learn how some things turned out.

So yeah, you should definitely buy The Infinite Wait because it is awesome, holes or not. And then you can get those other stories to fill those holes.

It is a great adventure!

550950_446572148714500_1788267347_nAll art by Julia Wertz. The comic in question was published by Koyama Press.


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