Regular Adventure Radio

I don’t think we kept it a secret that all three of us who post things on this blog more or less regularly are into radio. We all produce shows regularly. They don’t air with the big wigs. But they profit from it, I dare say we put out some fantastic shows more often than not. The shows are in German, which doesn’t change the fact that they feature a bunch of amazing music.

A few weeks ago I started out with my very first,very much my own show. It is interviews with bands and a bunch of music in it. Here are the first two shows:

And here are the full interviews with the bands:

The Dad Rocks! interview is in English and quite a bit shorter. Nonetheless the dude is amazing. I already talked about Callin’ Tommy on the blog (They kick ass!).

I had the honor of spending a weekend in Arhus, Denmark, at the SPOT festival. I did some interviews there and you can expect some artist portraits and shows that will be filled to the top with content. WOOT!

If you are capable of the German language I also urge you to check out the one and only Ninja Pirate Radio from Space!

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