Food for Thought – Costumes

Picture by stevendepolo

Picture by stevendepolo

Well, it has been a while. Here is some food for thought!

I am a dude and I like pretty women. Nothing wrong with that I hope. I also like comics and per coincidence those often have pretty women in them. The thing is though, often they are wearing next to nothing. I guess there are characters that works for. But some people will rightfully say something about sexism in comics. About how those ladies are only wearing those two tripes of cloth to become sex objects for the male target audience. I have read about four amazing articles on that topic, on what clothing means in that sense today and they have all been amazing. Here is a quote that sums up my thoughts PERFECTLY (I tweaked it just a tiny little bit, made it more general):

Sexiness should NEVER be a factor when designing a character. Sex appeal ONLY comes into play when the characters PERSONALITY dictates that as a factor.


Ain’t that something? That sounds like a stance to get behind. So, before I talk myself into a corner, here are some things you might wanna read if this topic is at all interesting to you. Here is the essay I took the quote from, here the article that lead to the essay and here the one that lead me into this whole deal. Surprisingly I found a lot of things to be similar in this very discussion on female video game characters which was also quite enlightening.
You know what, everyone is learning something new every day. I am too, which is why I immensely appreciate those articles and essays.

Anyone can design any costume for any gender as long as they approach it with with respect and understanding. – also from here!


And that is why this is one of my favorite pictures of all time. I makes those ladies look so incredibly great without fetishizing them. At least that is my opinion.

Here are also some great thoughts on Lara Crofts violent death depictions. David Brothers is a great writer, it is a shame that ComicsAlliance in gone. Then related to Miss Croft here is Rhianna Pratchett’s #1ReasonToBe. Damn those guys turn out amazing content.


I’ll leave you with something beautiful that doesn’t point towards the dark sides of our society. Do I sound like a preacher yet? One last thing, I don’t really write down my own opinion here, because I am still forming one. I am not quite sure I could articulate myself properly yet. Maybe I’ll try sometime soonish.

The Drawn blog which is a fantastic thing to follow showed me towards this great piece of animation today, it will make your day a better day.

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