Music Monday – A Buttload of Music


Tomorrow will be one of the better days in music. Both Anamanaguchi and The Dillinger Escape Plan will be officially releasing their new albums. From what I have seen and heard they will kick teeth in, make hearts explode and be your best friends until the end of time.

Here are some tastes for your buds:

Last week I went to a concert by Einar Stray. It was quite beautiful. You can stream their whole first album on their web page. And again, here is a taste:

State Lines also have a new album out. There is so much great new music right now. Holy cow. I like this new effort, but it doesn’t blow me away as much as Hoffman Manor did. The “new” singing is cool, but gets kind of old after a while. It is a much tighter record, but it doesn’t wield the same magic. Nonetheless it is State Lines and that means it is good. Just not as good as the first album.

That is four bands for you to listen to. Here are two more! First off is Joyride! They have their debut out later this year and play a nice kind pop-punk.

Their split with Bitpart is still one of my favorites. I can especially relate to the song which features a green sweatshirt and the burying of the head in the sweatshirt. That’s how I spend most of my math classes.

Last for tonight are Mouse on the Keys. Some jazz is never wrong and those guys got the magic. Keyboards and drums is all they need to get into your head. They also feature some other instruments sometimes. Great stuff.


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