Food for Thought – Bunch of Music, also YARN!


Picture by mosespreciado

It is Tuesday. A new XBOX has been announced and it is called XBOX ONE. They really put all of their everything into that name. But my guess is that you already know that. It is everywhere. Me? I don’t really care about it yet. What I care about is that a great friend of mine got me Kirby’s Epic Yarn for my birthday.

He gave me a reason to dust off that Wii and have the greatest time of my life! Now my parents just need to leave for a bit so that I can actually play the game in the living room. Not that I am ashamed of it, I LOVE IT, but they sleep in the room that holds the TV and they need sleep as much as everyone else.


I just put some spit on mosquito bites. Those fuckers ate me out this past weekend. It was well worth it though, a great weekend was had camping and producing radio shows. I did a morning show for 230 young adults who had no choice but to listen and played some tunes that made me really happy. Here is one of them. A fair warning, some might consider the video nsfw!

Austin Kleon is a man I admire. I think I have said that before. He does shit, while I am still barking up a tree. He has a tumblr where he shares nice things and one of them was this article about the Zine Revolution. Zines are a fascinating thing to me. I love the ideas behind them. I wanna make some, but I am scared of not knowing how to fill them.

Now lets get away form that self depreciating stuff, not healthy at all. I spend the last hour or so hunting for music. I love the internet for allowing a person like me to get into so many amazing things. Music is at the top of those things. ON the other hand sometimes i wish there was a store around the corner selling the CD’s I really want which I could then purchase with cash, because I am having a really hard time dedicating money to buying things through the internet. Except for these. I can’t wait for them to come out!

Count Your Lucky Stars is an amazing little label which I would probably follow to the grave if I could go to a store to buy their CD’s. I know this is quite old fashioned, but I might just be wired that way. They just put out their 50th release and today will be the last day to download their complete catalogue for pay what you want from their bandcamp page. I went for it. And I am having a blast listening to such amazing music!

This stuff is like therapy. I need to get my shit together, bandcamp hosts so many amazing albums and I wanna be able to pay those people. Don’t be like me okay? Here are some more bands who are putting out amazing music.

“Have Mercy” just released their first full length album and it is called “The Earth Pushed Back”. It is gorgeous!

“You, Me and Everyone We Know” are a band from Lancaster, wherever that is. Their music rocks and it is fairly cheap.

In the middle of April “I Kill Giants” released a self titled full-length album and I am listening to right right now. It is fun, powerful and I want those guys to visit sweet, old Berlin so that I can see them live!

That’s it for tonight, go through CYLS’s catalogue you’ll not be disappointed, I am looking for some more gems now!

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