MM: All Kinds of Amazing

rockin stormTime to rock. Tonight I am kind of pumped. Don’t really know why, but I got a lot of energy right now. Maybe it is because I finally ate something real during work, haven’t done that for a while. So when this one came up it mad me really happy.

I also want to present to you one of the greatest music videos ever. Anamanaguchi have not only send a pizza to space, nope, they also made a music video which features the greatest room of all. All those anime references in there. Ano Hana and Menma and arrrrgh, I wanna be in that room so badly. Or rather I’d like my room to look a bit more like it.


Although, I am well equipped. I got this one hanging in my room and the people who recognize it upon walking into my room will immediately pass the friendship test. It hasn’t happened yet though.


I spend most of this weekend listening to “Me, You and Everyone We Know” and their new EP “I wish more people gave a shit”. It is great cynicism at work there. If you want something that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself go listen to Gnarwolves, the play fun fast pop-punk with a trashy note to it.


Deafheaven also just put out a new record if that is your kind of music. For me the musical aspect wins clearly over the singing, if you wanna look at them separately. Nonetheless a great album worth listening to. Very atmospheric and heavy music.


The header image is from a manga called Radio Heads. It is pretty hilarious and very pretty. You should check it out! Only two chapters at the moment, but there are never enough great manga to read!


I’ll let you go after you watched the new video to “Raise Your Head” by Go Go Berlin. Those guys kick all kinds of ass. I wish you all a pleasant week!

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