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You might have read it already: “Halting State” by Charles Stross

This morning I finished reading Halting State. It took me ages to finish it, and it wasn’t even a bad book. It was well written, funny, quirky, smart and very much a cyberpunk novel. It lacked the big threat. In … Continue reading

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Food For Thought and Stuff

I got a Podcast on my ears and everything on me is sweating in some kind. Those headphones slowly become heavy and annoying while for the first time ever I feel like pollen are kicking my eyes. The paper in … Continue reading

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Music Monday – Next Week Is Gonna be the BEST!

Next week is gonna kick all the butts. There are three new album releases I am looking forward too and which I cannot wait for. First off there is a new Album by Larry and his Flask on the 25th. … Continue reading

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Food For Thought – Shots Fired

    So this new Adventures EP is pretty rad. It is a heavy, distorted, short and in the face kind of record. It doesn’t have that much catchyness as the first EP though. Basically I am not singing along … Continue reading

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