Food For Thought – Shots Fired




So this new Adventures EP is pretty rad. It is a heavy, distorted, short and in the face kind of record. It doesn’t have that much catchyness as the first EP though. Basically I am not singing along after the first listen.

Last week I went to do an interview with Larry and his Flask, I got the two founding brothers and was blown away by their concert later that night. I have been listening to their EP “Hobo’s Lament” a lot this past week and it has been one dancing adventure. I can’t post that interview yet, instead I’ll give you one I did with Einar Stray.

Einar is a fantastic person. Kind and really thoughtfull. The interview and the concert were both really fun. The concert was a special thing, it had been a while that I sat at a concert and enjoyed the experience. They are in the studio recording their second full-length right now and you can listen to the first record Chiaroscuro over on their website.

I listened to the Remember Me soundtrack by accident last week. It completely blew me away. It is a great mix of orchestral and electronic music, really quite a captivating and motivating mix. I love me some pretty instrumental music with a kick in it. Olivier Deriviere is a dude to look out for in future soundtrack listenings!


I am out of things to say for now. And then I wonder if I want a PS4, it seems like the mere fact that it is cheaper than the XBOX ONE suddenly makes me think it wasn’t that expensive. I can’t really afford either and without my own TV neither makes any sense. I guess I should finish Costume Quest before I start talking video games…

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