Music Monday – Next Week Is Gonna be the BEST!


Next week is gonna kick all the butts. There are three new album releases I am looking forward too and which I cannot wait for. First off there is a new Album by Larry and his Flask on the 25th. Those dudes may have played one of the best concerts I have ever been to a few weeks ago. I did an interview with them which I’ll share around the 26th of June. Have a taste of that fantastic band!

Close second in excitement is a new record by 9mm Parabellum Bullet. It is called Dawning and I am skeptical. I have faith in the band delivering a solid record, but I wonder if it is going to be as amazing as the early offerings. Termination holds a firm third spot, Punishment is one of the best tracks those guys have. Revolutionary comes in second, it is so comfortably heavy and Vampire is my favorite. It has the best complete package. Movement was alright, but aside from Muddy Mouth I don’t really remember any of the songs.

So yeah, Dawning is released on the 26th of June and I am pretty excited. I want some of the heavy and crazy back, maybe I’ll get what I want.

FLiP’s XX Emotion was one of my absolute favorites of 2012. I still love that album and I’ll go back to it and dance in the bathroom sometimes. And now, just one year later it is time for a new release. The new album is called Love Toxicity. Something inside of me hopes for a System crossover, but I think those hopes are not realistic. There is no single in sight yet, so have a taste of an older song.

Why is it so hard for those bands to go overseas? Mouse on the Keys did it years ago, Ore Ska Band are in the US right now and god damn it come to Germany already. Oh well, I guess that’s just how things are. Nonetheless I am excited for some badass music.

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