Food For Thought and Stuff


I got a Podcast on my ears and everything on me is sweating in some kind. Those headphones slowly become heavy and annoying while for the first time ever I feel like pollen are kicking my eyes. The paper in front of me isn’t white anymore; there are a bunch of faces on them. Doesn’t mean it looks cool, but I drew this one old dude with a beard in preparation for the poster for the next All You Can Eat show.

I have been reading a bunch of articles on the New Yorker Elements blog. Recommendation came by way of The Bygone Bureau and I have been reading many interesting articles every day. There is one on the future of nuclear power plants and one on Prism and the NSA. The last one I read talked about caffeine and the things it does. Those articles aren’t three pages long science pieces, they are compact and easy to read essays that give those little bits of info that you can use to impress your friends. Those little bits will also make you feel smarter and maybe make you smarter. It is the perfect mixture.


It is getting hot. Wow, I might go to the server room in a bit to cool down. Oh a cold breeze is coming around.

Elements had some thoughts on the recent NSA thing and that whole deal is quite interesting. It even went to the Penny Arcade Report for reasons. That whole aspect of the event, where the snoop is the one getting all the attention while the NSA is cleaning house really fast. The Bygone Bureau, again, looks at what we know about the person who leaked the info and how he is perceived. It is quite the interesting look on things.


I am excited for Wednesday. Why? Because Comics! This week should see the release of a few pretty amazing things. Conan, Wonder Woman and Mara are in my pull list for June 16th. Set for tomorrow is also Utsubora, Story Of A Novelist. Released by Vertical and an omnibus and fantastic and pretty and thick and depressing (probably) fun. I hope it really comes out tomorrow, but Previewsworld doesn’t list it for this week. Well, maybe I’ll get lucky.

Here is an interview with Ed Brisson who wrote Comeback, I need to get that trade, and who is now kicking a comic called Sheltered in high gear. Sheltered has a very beautiful cover and the cover alone makes me want to read the comic. Comics are doing good right now if you wanna believe this article and all in all that is enough to read for now.


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