Food For Thought – Wet Feet, Comics and Mean People

This past weekend I went to a festival called Greenville. It was a bunch of fun all in all. It started with bands, beer and a shit ton of sun and ended with rain, soggy feet and an apocalyptic “get to the shelter as fast as you can!” So it was definitely a worthy experience. I got to interview two bands and sailed past the third, because I don’t have a smartphone.

Maybeshewill played a new song during their set and it was pretty amazing. It would have been even better if the sound guy had decided to have a little less bass coming out of the speakers, but at least the guitars didn’t die mid-set like they did during Kvelertak’s set. Both bands played in a hall, which wasn’t made for concerts at all, the stage was on the side and the people were just too far spread. Logistics and emergency exits were the only reason I could think of, pretty convincing reasons actually. I wonder if better sounds and a closer crowd would have been worth a try.
In the end I saw a bunch of amazing bands, got sunburned, drunk and wet. It was great experience and once again a reminder that sometimes it is pretty cool to work on that side of the fence, worth it for the toilets.


Andy Khouri, David Brothers, Darryl Ayo and a bunch of other people wrote about the relationship between artists and writers in comics. (I sometimes think of writers as artists, because German, but in this case one draws and one writes) It is a very interesting situation. I myself bought more books for the writers than the artist although writing doesn’t interest me as much as drawing. I am once more amazed at how much more there is to a medium than meets the eye in the beginning. I wonder how many nuances I am missing every time I read a comic. And I wonder what I can do to really notice the things written between the lines.

This is the point where I realize that I should look at Understanding Comics again. I want to go to Lynda Barries college courses and be forced to learn again. I am at a point where I seem to miss school for kicking me into a direction and I am excited for my first semester this fall, as I chose my direction.


Ending with videogames is a fitting thing as Phil Fish has announced that he has stopped making FEZ 2, mostly because 90% of the internet seems to be made up with assholes. Here are two very interesting articles on the matter. One is directly about the matter of Fez and the fact that some people really don’t know what kind of harm they are inflicting. Think about the anonymity of the internet and how easy it has become to be a complete ass. It sucks that people as talented as Mr. Fish or others get bothered to no end and can’t really do anything about it, but quit the process. It is a shameful thing to see. The other article is about the same topic from a different angle.

Have a fine day!

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