An Earthbound Mother on a Walrus build by Microsoft


Once upon a time I told someone that I had never cried during a video game. He asked me if I had played Mother 3 and I said yes. I had put about 10 hours into it. He asked me how it was possible to not cry during the beginning of the game and if I actually had a soul. I do hope I have a soul or something like that, whatever it entails. I guess what he meant was if I had feelings. I do. I just stopped crying at some point. Maybe I cried out all of my tears back when I was a crybaby.


Mother 3 is a fantastic game. Truly marvelous in nine of ten ways. The tenth is the grinding factor in an RPG. Something I’ll never get used to or like. The other nine things? The beginning was heart wrenching. The characters were dear to my heart. The dog was amazing. The attacks ruled. The dude with the limb was a badass. Dressing the dog up was amazing. Talking to ghosts was a bunch of fun. The graphics are adorable. It was fan-translated and done so amazingly well. Go and check it out!

Art by Rachelelm

Art by Rachelelm

Earthbound, aka Mother 2, was not the most successful game ever. Marketing went pretty wrong, smelly actually. Well it was just as amazing as Mother 3 and now you can play it on your Wii U if you life in the US. GOD DAMN IT DO IT! I’d play those first hours I could go without grinding again asap. The game just packs too much charm. So many small things that most games don’t have anymore. Shigesato Itoi is the man behind those games and he wrote a small piece about Earthbound that should push you into the right direction without any problems. It is charming, so very charming.

If you have seen “Indie Game: The Movie” you have seen a glimpse of Microsoft, XBLA and their relationship with game developers. It is crazy. And for some it went pretty bad. I have seen a bit of Skulls of the Shogun, but not much. Their story is interesting anyways. Now that those dudes can actually do what they want with it, maybe it’ll come to Mac and I can play the hell out of it.

To me there are things which are obvious. They just are. For some people things aren’t like that. Some people promote technology that can do pretty sweet things with break dance. Seriously, why? How could you not promote it through the things it can do? Why the dancing? Why can’t you put a name on it, why do you have to go around it. Saints Row is not advertised in a serious matter when it is a weird game. It is advertised through ginormous dildo bats. Because that game is crazy. Tell you what, it worked. Take a look at this Microsoft. Take a good, hard taste of things that work. Kuchera wrote a great piece there.


Art by Moritat

For the one person, me, who has read all these posts it is pretty clear that I love the work Brandon Graham does. He has gotten an Eisner recently for King City, which is amazing and well deserved. He has a sketchbook out now, it is called Walrus and it is quite fancy and sweet indeed. The paper is great and the art, oh my the art. It is a sketchbook alright, but in a positive sense. There is so much docking around in there it is amazing. More would almost always better I guess, but what I got made me happy.

For now I shall get my Empire in Civ 5 to rise upon all others and finally conquer Sweden. In the background is a CD which my father made well back in 2004, mix-cd’s are the best thing.

Also, have some art I saw today and that was gorgeous:


Lady Snowblood – Badass Manga and Movie!


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