Welcome to a new format called “What the fuck is wrong with me?” Just kiddin 😛         The title actually says it all. I don’t really know what else to tell you… Maybe I’m just an old perv. Who am I kidding…that’s propably the case here.
But every now and then you have to ask yourself: “Why do I have this fetish? And where does it come from?”

I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE (and knowing that is such a releave)                                     Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Batman and Iron Man did it with a green chickSo in some way you can’t even consider yourself a hero if you never had a lovely night with an emerald lady.

Wikipedia says “Green is the color of growing grass and leaves, of emeralds, and of jade.” How poetic :,)

Also “Green is the color most commonly associated with nature, the environmental movement, Ireland, Islam, spring, hope and envy.”

Okay, I think I’m on to something here. Let’s ignore all the environmental stuff, the irish, the muslims, the leaves, the emeralds and the jade. I’m pretty sure all of these things are sexy in one way or antoher. But I want to focus on the stuff that’s a little bit more obvios.



Spring basicly screams SEX. We all know it. Human do it. Animals do it and even the plants get all horny and shit. It’s the time of the year when most organisms are programm to procreate. To make more of their kind. It’s also the time of the year everything turns green again after a long and hard witner (get it? long and hard…tihihi)

Green is also the colour of unripe fruit. So it’s basicly also the colour of innocence, inexperience and a kind of freshness.


Dragons, devils , demons… sometimes they are green too… which is weird. Didn’t we just learn that green is a good colour? A fresh, natural and energetic colour?
Yeah we did… so what? Almost every color can mean different things. It really depends on the cultural background and personal experience of a person. So while green has a sexyness to it through it connection to spring an fruit, it also has a darker, more poisoness site to it. BUT that doesn’t make it any les sexy, does it? We humans like a certain ammount of danger. Especially when it gets kinky.



in mideval times green represented love in fairy tales. It was also known as the colour of the snake. The animal responsible for making adam and eve aware of there nakedness and being expelled from garden eden. There is that forbidden kinky sexyness again…

Also in that time light green dresses were reserved for unmarried women. So we’re back at the whole innocence and freshness thingy.

For some dudes, called the Troubadours, who were basicly just some pretty cool musicians who made music to impress chicks, green was the color of growing love. Growing, plant, spring, nature. We’re back at nature again.


So basicly a green chick triggers associations of pureness and innocence with a dark secret. Maybe she’ll kill you like a mantis, that has something to it…

Remember: If Kirk did it, Stark did it and even the GODDAMN BATMAN did it…it can’t be that wrong…right?

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