Read a rad Manga: Obrigado!

Obrigado! p182-183

I have talked at lentgh about Baka & Gogh, which is one of my favorite manga Period

Obrigado! is by the same author and simply a collection of short stories. It is beautiful, touching, funny and a sight to behold.
I love Shinkichi Kato’s style, his noses, the backgrounds and the way he draws a star filled sky. The impressions his characters make are always so earnest and he is able to portray the angriest people. This dude can draw! Obrigado! got collected well after Baka & Gogh and Kokumin Quiz. The latter is a story I still have to finish. I guess it was a bit to heavy compared to his other stories. No less interesting though. I reckon it would be wrong to call these stories light, they all carry a certain darkness. I like them a lot you see and you should read them.


Sadly you can’t buy it in English, you’ll have to go to Batoto or Hox Scanlations. And please notice what the smoke from the coffee is forming as she is talking about going far away. I love this.


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