Food for Thought 18.06.14


Justin Jordan talked about the cost of comics and the revenue flow for artists and writers. He picked up where Brandon Montclare started and gave further inside on the numbers necessary to make a living of comics. It is scary to see the numbers they deal with and then read how Rocket Racoon sold 300.000 comics in pre-order alone. That is some heavy shit. And it might make you go and buy more floppies, maybe? Which is another interesting thing. Dead Body Road was mostly on time, at least without noticeable delay. Rocket Girl is taking forever, at least that’s my reception. That can’t be good for sales. And it will take the comic even longer to make a trade a possibility.

“If Rocket Girl dips into the 8000s, we’ll start thinking about when to wrap it up. If it stays above 12,000 we can do it forever. At 12,000 copies I can make as much writing Rocket Girl as Hulk; Amy Reeder can make as much penciling/inking/coloring as she would on Batwoman. 8000 vs 12,000 is a significant difference in percentage, but it’s not a huge amount of readers.”

I spend a good part of the evening reading “How I Work” posts on lifehacker. I love these things. I think the Verge has one about the inner parts of pockets. I always pick up neat things from there. And it is quite interesting to see what other people use to work and what level of output is actually possible. Much to learn young Padawan.


The Wicked + The Divine is a seriously pretty and great comic. Comics Alliance did a really long interview with the entire creative team about the inner works of the fine comic. Did I mention it is a really pretty comic?

Somehow I ended up listening to an episode of KEXP’s Music that Matters full of country songs. Or no, sorry, Swinging Door Jams. Apologies, they are actually pretty rad and comforting in their difference to what I normally listen to.


When it still came out semi regularly I loved listening to A Life Well Wasted. There seems to be an alternative now. It is called “A Brief Escape” and while I haven’t listened to it yet, the most recent episode features Space Boyfriend a pretty cool chiptune artist. So that is a thing that will happen when the Swinging Door Tunes are gone.

In the end I encourage you to check out Tabdump. It is a rad service worth your attention. And money. Here is an interview the dude who runs TabDump did with Forbes. So long and thanks for the fish.

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