Music Monday – August Will Rule the Year

Eventful times. Cayetana just showed off a new song and is is just as rad and special as the last one was. Really excited for that one. This summer is shaping up to be quite fantastic. It is amazing to think back to last years May and my excitement for a new Dillinger or Anamanaguchi record. Now those have come and gone and there is another month filled with amazing releases ahead.

I am talking about August. Holy moly that month is packed to the brim with promising music. There is a new Prawn album, called Kingfisher. Maybeshewill are releasing new material in an album called Fair Youth. I am so damn excited for these two records, they are some of my absolute favorite bands and it has been a while. The aforementioned Cayetana will release their first full-length called Nervous Like Me in the same month.

This is gonna be a rad month. A rad year actually, seeing how there will be a new Gaslight Anthem record and a softmore album by the Einar Stray Orchester. There will also be a new album by Empire! Empire! I was a lonely Estate! And damn if that one song during the show at Berlins Cassiopeia didn’t almost get me to tears. This is gonna be a good one. August is gonna be a good month for music. And I bet you I didn’t even cover half of the great stuff coming out. What do you think I missed?

Of course, I know. I missed the Beatsteaks! Their new album is a self titled effort. Releasing on the first of August it should kickstart the second half of the year in the most royal of ways.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a very interesting interview done by the try-hardzine. They talked with members of Plaids, who have a full length close to release as well.

Matt: Every band, to me, that has ever failed has begun with the words “let’s start a band that sounds like this” which is counter-productive because it completely removes the personality of the music. It’s like choosing to be a cover-band but instead of stealing songs, stealing musical devices and regurgitating them in a, more often than not, less effective way. What’s worse is this also sets a band pre-determined rules that shouldn’t exist when making music, and I think that’s one of the biggest problems in Punk today, at least musically, is that too many bands buy into pre-existing aesthetics and musical conventions when the scene would be alot more interesting if when people sat down to write music they said “Let’s just try to play how we feel” and express their own personalities and musical tastes without sounding overly cheesy. I’m all for playing the music that you like but why not try to add your own flavor to the sound instead of creating something completely devoid of original thought? I guess it’s easier to play into the current wave of musical styles in the UK than to do your own thing, but to me Punk was always about playing whatever the fuck you want, instead of conforming to what the UK scene’s flavor of the month is.

And some music by Plaids of course.

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