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Look at This 24.06.14

The first one is by Dustin Nguyen, who is amazing. And I wish Lil’ Gotham was still going. In this I wanna show some rad art stuff. There will be comics and pretty pictures. Feast your eyes! Advertisements

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Music Monday – August Will Rule the Year

Eventful times. Cayetana just showed off a new song and is is just as rad and special as the last one was. Really excited for that one. This summer is shaping up to be quite fantastic. It is amazing to … Continue reading

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Weekend Short – Teleporting Bread

Long live the Source Filmmaker. Long live the Steam Sale. Long live the bucket. Chances are you have already seen this. Well now you might just watch it again. Deal with it.

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Food for Thought 18.06.14

Justin Jordan talked about the cost of comics and the revenue flow for artists and writers. He picked up where Brandon Montclare started and gave further inside on the numbers necessary to make a living of comics. It is scary … Continue reading

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Read a rad Manga: Obrigado!

I have talked at lentgh about Baka & Gogh, which is one of my favorite manga Period Obrigado! is by the same author and simply a collection of short stories. It is beautiful, touching, funny and a sight to behold. … Continue reading

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Review: Madeline Ashby’s iD is Great. You Should Read it!

I read almost all of vN on a flight from Reno to Berlin. It was great because it took my mind away from cramped legs and smelly neighbours. Instead I thought of robot like beings who were only made to … Continue reading

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Lucas Lee Might Be the Greatest Actor of All Time!

If you see a volume of Scott Pilgrim and you don’t have it yet, don’t pass it up. That is a rule. Columbus had it in his rule book in Zombieland, I promise you that. That comic is great. I … Continue reading

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Robots? Wonder how that is gonna go down…

I am guessing there will be robots at some point. The question is not if, but how. How will they work? How will they be treated, how will their relationships with humans be like? I am looking at fiction for … Continue reading

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An Earthbound Mother on a Walrus build by Microsoft

Once upon a time I told someone that I had never cried during a video game. He asked me if I had played Mother 3 and I said yes. I had put about 10 hours into it. He asked me … Continue reading

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Food For Thought – Wet Feet, Comics and Mean People

This past weekend I went to a festival called Greenville. It was a bunch of fun all in all. It started with bands, beer and a shit ton of sun and ended with rain, soggy feet and an apocalyptic “get … Continue reading

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