We’ve met the mother, but Ted still hasn’t !



Last night the first and second episode of the final season of the CBS cult show “How I Met Your Mother” premiered. And just as the advertisements have promised, we got to know the mother… well a little bit.

We first met the mother in the final episode of season 8. That would have been a real surprise to me, but CBS basicly spoiled the episode, by posting a picture of the mother on facebook before she was revealed on the show. Here’s a tip CBS… if the mother shows up as a surprise in the last 30 secinds of the final episode… DON’T FUCKING SPOIL IT ON FUCKING FACEBOOK… I WONDER HOW THEY WOULD HAVE ADVERTISED EMPIRE STRIKES BACK…TONIGHT FIND OUT: DARTH VADER IS LUKES DAD… pardon… I lost my cool there… I’m just saying it would have been such a cool surprise.

But we met the mother. And what can I say. I am delighted. Although she hasn’t said much yet, and what we know about her is so far only that she makes her breakfast sing showtunes and paints robots whom do sports. I have to say the casting is very good. Cristin Milioti, who’s playing the mother, is perfect. A totally believe everything that has been established about her so far. And… she’s very pretty…vewy vewy pwetty. And cute too 🙂 She kinda is the perfect mix between cute and hot, if that makes any sense?! And she’s only 4 and a half years older than me. That means she not to old for me right? 😀 wait where am I going with this… I’m creeping again 😛

But have a look yourself and try not to fall in love.


I’m also very happy that Ted doesn’t end up with Victoria or Stella. Never liked Victoria and Stella … Stellas real name is Elliot and she’s married to JD! That wouldn’t have worked for me. And I’m what’s important here, right? 😛


Now to the new episodes. I really liked them. But I noticed something. So far everything happens on the Weekend Robin and Barney are getting married. AND I have the theory that the whole final season will take place on that weekend.

There is more! We’ve met the mother last season finale. Lily met the in the first episode. I think TED won’t meet her until the very last episode. After he kinda crushed the wedding (if you know what I mean). BUT until then ALL HIS FRIENDS will meet the mother. And I think that’s genious. It’s the best way to end the show. The best way for us as an audience to get to know the mother and be happy for Ted when he finally meets her. It’s going to be another year passing by in the season. It’s all going to happen in TWO DAYS split up in to 24 episodes. I love that idea and I hope that’s what they’re going to do. I also think, the lady marshall found himself on a roadtrip with is going to play a major role in his future job as a judge. Maybe she’s the district attorny of New York or some shmu like that.


The show is as funny as always. Everyone does a great job. The actress they picked to play the mother is perfect AND SHOULD TOTALLY MARRY ME. And Ted. Him in the show and me for real.

How I Met Your Mother is one of the best shows of the last decade an by far the best sitcom. (In my opinion of course) I’m excited for the finale 🙂


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Welcome to a new format called “What the fuck is wrong with me?” Just kiddin 😛         The title actually says it all. I don’t really know what else to tell you… Maybe I’m just an old perv. Who am I kidding…that’s propably the case here.
But every now and then you have to ask yourself: “Why do I have this fetish? And where does it come from?”

I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE (and knowing that is such a releave)                                     Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Batman and Iron Man did it with a green chickSo in some way you can’t even consider yourself a hero if you never had a lovely night with an emerald lady.

Wikipedia says “Green is the color of growing grass and leaves, of emeralds, and of jade.” How poetic :,)

Also “Green is the color most commonly associated with nature, the environmental movement, Ireland, Islam, spring, hope and envy.”

Okay, I think I’m on to something here. Let’s ignore all the environmental stuff, the irish, the muslims, the leaves, the emeralds and the jade. I’m pretty sure all of these things are sexy in one way or antoher. But I want to focus on the stuff that’s a little bit more obvios.



Spring basicly screams SEX. We all know it. Human do it. Animals do it and even the plants get all horny and shit. It’s the time of the year when most organisms are programm to procreate. To make more of their kind. It’s also the time of the year everything turns green again after a long and hard witner (get it? long and hard…tihihi)

Green is also the colour of unripe fruit. So it’s basicly also the colour of innocence, inexperience and a kind of freshness.


Dragons, devils , demons… sometimes they are green too… which is weird. Didn’t we just learn that green is a good colour? A fresh, natural and energetic colour?
Yeah we did… so what? Almost every color can mean different things. It really depends on the cultural background and personal experience of a person. So while green has a sexyness to it through it connection to spring an fruit, it also has a darker, more poisoness site to it. BUT that doesn’t make it any les sexy, does it? We humans like a certain ammount of danger. Especially when it gets kinky.



in mideval times green represented love in fairy tales. It was also known as the colour of the snake. The animal responsible for making adam and eve aware of there nakedness and being expelled from garden eden. There is that forbidden kinky sexyness again…

Also in that time light green dresses were reserved for unmarried women. So we’re back at the whole innocence and freshness thingy.

For some dudes, called the Troubadours, who were basicly just some pretty cool musicians who made music to impress chicks, green was the color of growing love. Growing, plant, spring, nature. We’re back at nature again.


So basicly a green chick triggers associations of pureness and innocence with a dark secret. Maybe she’ll kill you like a mantis, that has something to it…

Remember: If Kirk did it, Stark did it and even the GODDAMN BATMAN did it…it can’t be that wrong…right?

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So yesterday I went to a party and met a guy from sweden there. We talked about all kinds of shit. Movies, music and the Internet. Then he told me about a song from a norwegian band, that’s very popular in scandinavia right now. It’s about the sound a fox makes. I couldn’t imagine what could be so great about that. He sent me the link to the song.
I think I get it. It’s weird and great. And the video rocks. It’s such a none sense song. And a none sense video but it is all very seriously performed, which makes it a piece of art of it’s own. What do you think? Do you like it? Or is it to weird to be an international hit?

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An Earthbound Mother on a Walrus build by Microsoft


Once upon a time I told someone that I had never cried during a video game. He asked me if I had played Mother 3 and I said yes. I had put about 10 hours into it. He asked me how it was possible to not cry during the beginning of the game and if I actually had a soul. I do hope I have a soul or something like that, whatever it entails. I guess what he meant was if I had feelings. I do. I just stopped crying at some point. Maybe I cried out all of my tears back when I was a crybaby.


Mother 3 is a fantastic game. Truly marvelous in nine of ten ways. The tenth is the grinding factor in an RPG. Something I’ll never get used to or like. The other nine things? The beginning was heart wrenching. The characters were dear to my heart. The dog was amazing. The attacks ruled. The dude with the limb was a badass. Dressing the dog up was amazing. Talking to ghosts was a bunch of fun. The graphics are adorable. It was fan-translated and done so amazingly well. Go and check it out!

Art by Rachelelm http://rachelelm.tumblr.com/

Art by Rachelelm

Earthbound, aka Mother 2, was not the most successful game ever. Marketing went pretty wrong, smelly actually. Well it was just as amazing as Mother 3 and now you can play it on your Wii U if you life in the US. GOD DAMN IT DO IT! I’d play those first hours I could go without grinding again asap. The game just packs too much charm. So many small things that most games don’t have anymore. Shigesato Itoi is the man behind those games and he wrote a small piece about Earthbound that should push you into the right direction without any problems. It is charming, so very charming.

If you have seen “Indie Game: The Movie” you have seen a glimpse of Microsoft, XBLA and their relationship with game developers. It is crazy. And for some it went pretty bad. I have seen a bit of Skulls of the Shogun, but not much. Their story is interesting anyways. Now that those dudes can actually do what they want with it, maybe it’ll come to Mac and I can play the hell out of it.

To me there are things which are obvious. They just are. For some people things aren’t like that. Some people promote technology that can do pretty sweet things with break dance. Seriously, why? How could you not promote it through the things it can do? Why the dancing? Why can’t you put a name on it, why do you have to go around it. Saints Row is not advertised in a serious matter when it is a weird game. It is advertised through ginormous dildo bats. Because that game is crazy. Tell you what, it worked. Take a look at this Microsoft. Take a good, hard taste of things that work. Kuchera wrote a great piece there.


Art by Moritat

For the one person, me, who has read all these posts it is pretty clear that I love the work Brandon Graham does. He has gotten an Eisner recently for King City, which is amazing and well deserved. He has a sketchbook out now, it is called Walrus and it is quite fancy and sweet indeed. The paper is great and the art, oh my the art. It is a sketchbook alright, but in a positive sense. There is so much docking around in there it is amazing. More would almost always better I guess, but what I got made me happy.

For now I shall get my Empire in Civ 5 to rise upon all others and finally conquer Sweden. In the background is a CD which my father made well back in 2004, mix-cd’s are the best thing.

Also, have some art I saw today and that was gorgeous:


Lady Snowblood – Badass Manga and Movie!


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Food For Thought – Wet Feet, Comics and Mean People

This past weekend I went to a festival called Greenville. It was a bunch of fun all in all. It started with bands, beer and a shit ton of sun and ended with rain, soggy feet and an apocalyptic “get to the shelter as fast as you can!” So it was definitely a worthy experience. I got to interview two bands and sailed past the third, because I don’t have a smartphone.

Maybeshewill played a new song during their set and it was pretty amazing. It would have been even better if the sound guy had decided to have a little less bass coming out of the speakers, but at least the guitars didn’t die mid-set like they did during Kvelertak’s set. Both bands played in a hall, which wasn’t made for concerts at all, the stage was on the side and the people were just too far spread. Logistics and emergency exits were the only reason I could think of, pretty convincing reasons actually. I wonder if better sounds and a closer crowd would have been worth a try.
In the end I saw a bunch of amazing bands, got sunburned, drunk and wet. It was great experience and once again a reminder that sometimes it is pretty cool to work on that side of the fence, worth it for the toilets.


Andy Khouri, David Brothers, Darryl Ayo and a bunch of other people wrote about the relationship between artists and writers in comics. (I sometimes think of writers as artists, because German, but in this case one draws and one writes) It is a very interesting situation. I myself bought more books for the writers than the artist although writing doesn’t interest me as much as drawing. I am once more amazed at how much more there is to a medium than meets the eye in the beginning. I wonder how many nuances I am missing every time I read a comic. And I wonder what I can do to really notice the things written between the lines.

This is the point where I realize that I should look at Understanding Comics again. I want to go to Lynda Barries college courses and be forced to learn again. I am at a point where I seem to miss school for kicking me into a direction and I am excited for my first semester this fall, as I chose my direction.


Ending with videogames is a fitting thing as Phil Fish has announced that he has stopped making FEZ 2, mostly because 90% of the internet seems to be made up with assholes. Here are two very interesting articles on the matter. One is directly about the matter of Fez and the fact that some people really don’t know what kind of harm they are inflicting. Think about the anonymity of the internet and how easy it has become to be a complete ass. It sucks that people as talented as Mr. Fish or others get bothered to no end and can’t really do anything about it, but quit the process. It is a shameful thing to see. The other article is about the same topic from a different angle.

Have a fine day!

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You might have read it already: “Halting State” by Charles Stross


This morning I finished reading Halting State. It took me ages to finish it, and it wasn’t even a bad book. It was well written, funny, quirky, smart and very much a cyberpunk novel. It lacked the big threat. In the end things just happened and rushed by. The two characters who were meant to be together from the very beginning got together. The big sword that was bought in the beginning got to be used and it wasn’t even that epic. The baddie was revealed and until his position was explained again I didn’t know who he was, I had forgotten about him.

Should you still read this if you see it in a used bookstore or somewhere else? Yes, definitely. The ideas presented are pretty amazing. It is always interesting how every cyberpunk novel seems to be entirely possible if you look at todays usage of information and games and the ones depicted in the stories. This time Alternative Reality Games (ARG) are used to train future spies. With the rise of free to play games this doesn’t seem too far off. The book is a few years old, but you gotta tip your head to the insights Charles Stross seemed to have.

halting_state_large_UKGoogle puts out the smart-glass and every character in this book wears glasses that let them look into alternative realities, CopSpace and such things. While the story is not perfect and the character reveals aren’t really shocking the look it provided into a possible future made up for most of it.

It is also worth mentioning that this is a story in which the nerds and geeks definitely win and cut everything with big swords. There also needs to be a nod to all the references to nerdy things and the internet in general. Read this book if you have played a fair share of World of Warcraft, if you know who Cthulhu is and if Neuromancer is somewhere on your bookshelf.

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Food For Thought and Stuff


I got a Podcast on my ears and everything on me is sweating in some kind. Those headphones slowly become heavy and annoying while for the first time ever I feel like pollen are kicking my eyes. The paper in front of me isn’t white anymore; there are a bunch of faces on them. Doesn’t mean it looks cool, but I drew this one old dude with a beard in preparation for the poster for the next All You Can Eat show.

I have been reading a bunch of articles on the New Yorker Elements blog. Recommendation came by way of The Bygone Bureau and I have been reading many interesting articles every day. There is one on the future of nuclear power plants and one on Prism and the NSA. The last one I read talked about caffeine and the things it does. Those articles aren’t three pages long science pieces, they are compact and easy to read essays that give those little bits of info that you can use to impress your friends. Those little bits will also make you feel smarter and maybe make you smarter. It is the perfect mixture.


It is getting hot. Wow, I might go to the server room in a bit to cool down. Oh a cold breeze is coming around.

Elements had some thoughts on the recent NSA thing and that whole deal is quite interesting. It even went to the Penny Arcade Report for reasons. That whole aspect of the event, where the snoop is the one getting all the attention while the NSA is cleaning house really fast. The Bygone Bureau, again, looks at what we know about the person who leaked the info and how he is perceived. It is quite the interesting look on things.


I am excited for Wednesday. Why? Because Comics! This week should see the release of a few pretty amazing things. Conan, Wonder Woman and Mara are in my pull list for June 16th. Set for tomorrow is also Utsubora, Story Of A Novelist. Released by Vertical and an omnibus and fantastic and pretty and thick and depressing (probably) fun. I hope it really comes out tomorrow, but Previewsworld doesn’t list it for this week. Well, maybe I’ll get lucky.

Here is an interview with Ed Brisson who wrote Comeback, I need to get that trade, and who is now kicking a comic called Sheltered in high gear. Sheltered has a very beautiful cover and the cover alone makes me want to read the comic. Comics are doing good right now if you wanna believe this article and all in all that is enough to read for now.


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Music Monday – Next Week Is Gonna be the BEST!


Next week is gonna kick all the butts. There are three new album releases I am looking forward too and which I cannot wait for. First off there is a new Album by Larry and his Flask on the 25th. Those dudes may have played one of the best concerts I have ever been to a few weeks ago. I did an interview with them which I’ll share around the 26th of June. Have a taste of that fantastic band!

Close second in excitement is a new record by 9mm Parabellum Bullet. It is called Dawning and I am skeptical. I have faith in the band delivering a solid record, but I wonder if it is going to be as amazing as the early offerings. Termination holds a firm third spot, Punishment is one of the best tracks those guys have. Revolutionary comes in second, it is so comfortably heavy and Vampire is my favorite. It has the best complete package. Movement was alright, but aside from Muddy Mouth I don’t really remember any of the songs.

So yeah, Dawning is released on the 26th of June and I am pretty excited. I want some of the heavy and crazy back, maybe I’ll get what I want.

FLiP’s XX Emotion was one of my absolute favorites of 2012. I still love that album and I’ll go back to it and dance in the bathroom sometimes. And now, just one year later it is time for a new release. The new album is called Love Toxicity. Something inside of me hopes for a System crossover, but I think those hopes are not realistic. There is no single in sight yet, so have a taste of an older song.

Why is it so hard for those bands to go overseas? Mouse on the Keys did it years ago, Ore Ska Band are in the US right now and god damn it come to Germany already. Oh well, I guess that’s just how things are. Nonetheless I am excited for some badass music.

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Food For Thought – Shots Fired




So this new Adventures EP is pretty rad. It is a heavy, distorted, short and in the face kind of record. It doesn’t have that much catchyness as the first EP though. Basically I am not singing along after the first listen.

Last week I went to do an interview with Larry and his Flask, I got the two founding brothers and was blown away by their concert later that night. I have been listening to their EP “Hobo’s Lament” a lot this past week and it has been one dancing adventure. I can’t post that interview yet, instead I’ll give you one I did with Einar Stray.

Einar is a fantastic person. Kind and really thoughtfull. The interview and the concert were both really fun. The concert was a special thing, it had been a while that I sat at a concert and enjoyed the experience. They are in the studio recording their second full-length right now and you can listen to the first record Chiaroscuro over on their website.

I listened to the Remember Me soundtrack by accident last week. It completely blew me away. It is a great mix of orchestral and electronic music, really quite a captivating and motivating mix. I love me some pretty instrumental music with a kick in it. Olivier Deriviere is a dude to look out for in future soundtrack listenings!


I am out of things to say for now. And then I wonder if I want a PS4, it seems like the mere fact that it is cheaper than the XBOX ONE suddenly makes me think it wasn’t that expensive. I can’t really afford either and without my own TV neither makes any sense. I guess I should finish Costume Quest before I start talking video games…

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MM: All Kinds of Amazing

rockin stormTime to rock. Tonight I am kind of pumped. Don’t really know why, but I got a lot of energy right now. Maybe it is because I finally ate something real during work, haven’t done that for a while. So when this one came up it mad me really happy.

I also want to present to you one of the greatest music videos ever. Anamanaguchi have not only send a pizza to space, nope, they also made a music video which features the greatest room of all. All those anime references in there. Ano Hana and Menma and arrrrgh, I wanna be in that room so badly. Or rather I’d like my room to look a bit more like it.


Although, I am well equipped. I got this one hanging in my room and the people who recognize it upon walking into my room will immediately pass the friendship test. It hasn’t happened yet though.


I spend most of this weekend listening to “Me, You and Everyone We Know” and their new EP “I wish more people gave a shit”. It is great cynicism at work there. If you want something that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself go listen to Gnarwolves, the play fun fast pop-punk with a trashy note to it.


Deafheaven also just put out a new record if that is your kind of music. For me the musical aspect wins clearly over the singing, if you wanna look at them separately. Nonetheless a great album worth listening to. Very atmospheric and heavy music.


The header image is from a manga called Radio Heads. It is pretty hilarious and very pretty. You should check it out! Only two chapters at the moment, but there are never enough great manga to read!


I’ll let you go after you watched the new video to “Raise Your Head” by Go Go Berlin. Those guys kick all kinds of ass. I wish you all a pleasant week!

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