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Read a rad Manga: Obrigado!

I have talked at lentgh about Baka & Gogh, which is one of my favorite manga Period Obrigado! is by the same author and simply a collection of short stories. It is beautiful, touching, funny and a sight to behold. … Continue reading

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MM: All Kinds of Amazing

Time to rock. Tonight I am kind of pumped. Don’t really know why, but I got a lot of energy right now. Maybe it is because I finally ate something real during work, haven’t done that for a while. So … Continue reading

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AHHH Comics – Tokyopop, a Plume of Smoke & Ghosts

Things are busy when I make it to the comic store on Thursdays. Either I had to work late or things came up. Both are the case here, thus the post comes later than usually. But I also got them … Continue reading

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AHHH Comics 06/03 – Who is Mara?

The header image is from this tumblr. The dude draws very gorgeous stuff! I’d also like to recommend this fine webcomic. There is only seven pages of it, but it looks really pretty and promising. Immediate recommendation time ends with … Continue reading

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Baka & Gogh – A Review

Where do I start? Do I start with the art or with the story? Do I start with the costumes or should I just drop images on your head until you fall in love with it? I think I am … Continue reading

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